School Wide Positive Behaviour Support at Epping Views Primary School SWPBS Caught Ya CardS!

We are very excited to announce that our brand new whole school reward system started on Monday 25th July. Students are being rewarded using Caught Ya Cards, when staff at EVPS catch them displaying positive behaviour. Our SWPBS Matrix of Expectations provides details about the behaviours we are looking for to demonstrate each of our behaviour expectations of Be Caring, Be Honest, Be Excellent, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. Each card is worth 5 points. Students can collect cards in order to earn rewards of different values. Teachers and students have had the opportunity to contribute ideas to our list of rewards. The list has now been finalised and students have begun working towards earning rewards. Teachers will support students to look after their cards as they receive them as much as possible. Students also need to Be Responsible for looking after their cards. They will be kept in each student’s classroom until they trade them in for a reward of their choice.

Kavika, 6AS, receiving a Caught Ya Card this week at assembly

SWPBS Lessons:

We have started our SWPBS lessons this term. Our lessons will be conducted in classrooms for ten minutes, three times each week. Each lesson focuses on an aspect of our SWPBS Matrix. After collecting some data from some of our students, currently our lessons are focussing on Be Caring – Keep your hands and feet to yourself. There will also be a focus on Be Responsible – Stop, Think, Do followed by a range of lessons about Be Excellent. Thank you for your continued support of our school values and behaviour expectations. The SWPBS Working Party Team