Welcome to our new specialist program, Science! During Semester One, the students in Years 1, 4, 5 and 6 will be getting their hands on our ‘hands on’ activities.  In Semester Two, the students in Years Prep (Foundation), 2 and 3 will get their turn. The Science program, Primary Connections involves the students exploring through investigations, with a written component, to develop understandings of science concepts and inquiry skills.


Science lessons take place within the students’ own classroom. Two areas will be explored over the semester, Physical Science and Chemical Science.

Physical Science involves students in exploring movement, light and sound, heat, forces, magnets and electricity. In Chemical Science the students explore the properties of materials, suitability of materials for different purposes, solids, liquids and gases as well reversible and irreversible change e.g. melting, freezing and rusting.