The Junior School Council (JSC) is a student group that works to understand and solve student concerns and give students a voice in the ongoing development and success of our school.

JSC Representatives are chosen from upper school year levels (usually Grade 3 or above), with each class electing one student to represent them. The JSC meets regularly to raise and address student concerns, organise fundraising and special events, discuss student ideas for the school, and create social awareness campaigns/videos. Throughout the year, JSC representatives are given the responsibility of running student assemblies, undertaking special leadership tasks, representing the school at official functions and communicating with the School Council.
The JSC is a special leadership opportunity that students love to participate in. With the help of supporting staff, JSC representatives are able to take on the challenge of student leadership and make a big difference to the EVPS school community.
“It has been a great experience to have the privilege of helping make our school a better place.”
Zoe and Chloe (JSC 2015)