Since Epping Views Primary School opened its doors technology has been at the forefront of integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) into the teaching and learning program. Our technology rich classrooms have state of the art infrastructure including Interactive Whiteboards, Interactive Televisions, iPads, netbooks, flip and digital cameras and Nintendo DSi’s. At Prep we have an extensive iPad program where students engage with applications that further develop their Literacy and Numeracy skills. EVPS boasts a netbook ratio of less than 1:2 (two students for every one device), providing students with readily available wireless technology, with the netbooks catering for anywhere anytime learning. Moving through the school we offer our years 4 – 6 students a 1:1 program.


Epping Views Primary proudly offers our students in years 4, 5 and 6 the opportunity to be involved in our extensive 1:1 program. The underlining purpose of this program is to inspire and engage this generation of learners through the use of technology. Students are growing up in a digital rich environment so it is our mandate to ensure the students have purposeful selection of technology and software applications to enhance their learning.

The National Curriculum and ICT

Students develop ICT competence when they learn to:

  • Investigate – Use ICT to plan and refine information searches; to locate and access different types of data and information and to verify the integrity of data when investigating questions, topics or problems
  • Create – Use ICT to generate ideas, plans, processes and products to create solutions to challenges or learning area tasks
  • Communicate – Use ICT to communicate ideas and information with others adhering to social protocols appropriate to the communicative context (purpose, audience and technology)
  • Operate – Apply technical knowledge and skills to use ICT efficiently and to manage data and information when and as needed
  • Apply – appropriate social and ethical protocols and practices to operate and manage ICT.

Program documents and policies can be downloaded here or for more information about technology and the 1:1 program at Epping Views please contact our ICT Leader Glenn Groves on 8401 3791.