At Epping Views all students from Prep to Grade 6, are involved in a social emotional program called P.A.T.H.S. Below is a brief explanation of the program.

What is the PATHS ® Curriculum?

PATHS, which stands for Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies, is an exciting new curriculum. PATHS was written to help primary school children develop better thinking skills, more mature and responsible ways of behaving, and improved academic performance.

What are some of the goals of the PATHS ® curriculum?

  1. Increasing children’s abilities to think and solve problems for themselves
  2. Increasing children’s abilities to use their thinking skills to act responsibly and maturely
  3. Improving children’s understanding of themselves and others
  4. Improving children’s feelings about themselves (that is, improving their self-esteem)
  5. Increasing children’s abilities to learn more effectively in the classroom environment

How will PATHS ® help my child?

The authors of PATHS believe that the five goals listed above are critical for efficient learning. When children think independently, feel good about themselves, and act responsibly, then they are more likely to be motivated, to work up to their potential, and to persist when they are experiencing difficulties. By teaching children these thinking skills, PATHS will be teaching children how to learn.