Year 5



Term 2, 2017

Term 2, 2017

Term 2 has been a busy Term in Year 5! We have continued to build on our skills and increase our knowledge in various areas. The students also showcased their knowledge by completing the NAPLAN tests. The students approached these tests with a positive attitude and we are very proud of their efforts.

In Literacy we began the term continuing to enhance our persuasive text types. We looked at persuading people through advertising which created an interesting spin on our learning.  Around ANZAC day, we explored poetry, focusing on the emotions and visuals that add impact to poems. Towards the end of this term, we started to create explanation texts. We looked at the language that is needed, as well as logical sequencing. Overall the students created some amazing texts this term, showcasing their improved skills!

In Numeracy we finished off increasing our skills with the four processes. We looked at subtraction, multiplication and division. The challenges we faced involved solving more difficult problems using mental strategies, as well as different written strategies. After improving our ability in this area, we moved into fractions and touched on decimals. It was pleasing to see a number of students who thought fractions were “scary and really hard,” discover that with a bit of practise and understanding, they weren’t too bad after all! Area, perimeter, time and probability were also areas we explored.

For Integrated, we explored two themes. Australian History was one of them, where we learnt about key events and people who have shaped our country. We concluded this unit of work with a trip to Sovereign Hill where the students had the chance to experience what life was like. RSE was also discussed this term. Although this topic was initially challenging and difficult for some of our students to participate in, we believe almost all students finished the unit with a greater sense of understanding around what changes there body will go through, why these changes will occur, and a greater confidence to talk about puberty.

As we approach the school holidays, the Year 5 team would like to wish all of our students a safe, relaxing and enjoyable holiday period. We hope all students return for Term 3 where we will be preparing for camp as well as a lot more learning.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents and their ongoing support.

Karen Burke, Alex Campbell, Amanda Cedro, Ashlee Sinclair, Katrina van Dam, Paul Merrick & Sam Giandomenico

Posted by Glenn Groves | On June 29, 2017