Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Epping Views Primary School is designed to educate and develop students’ knowledge in the basic principals, techniques and cultures of the Art world. Each student is encouraged to use their imagination and is guided in suitable risk taking activities when creating original artworks. The program gives each student the opportunity to experiment and explore in a variety of mediums and techniques and to develop specific Visual Arts skills which enable students the chance to communicate their personal ideas, feelings and experiences.  
Each year level is introduced to both two and three dimensional art projects with an exposure to various mediums, techniques and appropriate Art tools. Students develop skills in drawing, painting, printing techniques, mixed media projects and construction at progressive stages of development throughout each year level. Our program aims to get the best results from each student with a high, yet achievable, standard of finished artwork. The program is also dedicated in supporting students to achieve and develop at an independent pace and to encourage all students to feel positive and proud of their individual achievements regardless of their ability.
The Visual Arts program at Epping Views Primary School provides a dimension for each student to develop as a wholly educated individual where Arts skills, exploration, creativity and fun are part of developing a child’s primary education.  

Art Show 2015

Epping Views Primary School held their biannual Visual Arts Show which was inspired by the sights and sounds of Africa. The students displayed approximately 2,500 artworks which were completed throughout the semester. Some of the work displayed included lino prints, papier mache models, paintings, drawings, collage and weavings, together with 3D African figures and masks. The various artworks displayed were very exciting with colour, texture and form representative in all work. The displays were interesting and the exhibition was visited by many people of the school community who found it very engaging and commented on the high standard of the students’ work.