Year 6

Year 6 Term 3 Newsletter 2015

Term 2, 2017

Can you believe our Year 6s are half way through their final year of primary school?! We have been very busy in Term 2 with new electives, Winter Interschool Sports, Canberra Camp, the La Trobe Non-Campers excursion and lots of learning in our classrooms. The electives that ran in Term 2 included Photography, World Studies, Astronomy, Costume Design, Natural Disasters, Reporting the Olds, The Amazing Race, Create my Club (AFL & NBA) and Event Planning. We had our round of Winter Interschool Sports with students participating in various sporting teams, as well as sports at the Leisure Centre. The students were very successful and demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship each week. During the term, we had our Canberra Camp where students visited Parliament House, The War Memorial, Questacon and The National Gallery of Australia. Our Non-Campers went on an adventurous excursion to La Trobe, where they participated in rock climbing, soccer, squash and various water activities. In the classroom we focused on ANZAC Poetry, Procedural and Explanation texts. Students explored topics that interested them, including natural disasters and life cycles. They researched these topics and created explanations about how they occur and work. In Numeracy, our main focuses were Multiplication, Division and Fractions. Students applied these concepts to real life situations. We are looking forward to Term 3, where we will begin our research and preparation for Night of the Notables as well different elective topics!

Posted by Glenn Groves | On June 29, 2017