Positive Climate for Learning


School-Wide Positive Behaviour System (SWPBS) is an evidence-based framework for responding to and reinforcing positive student behaviours. It aims to create a positive school climate, a culture of student self-regulation and an open, responsive management system for all school community members. It includes analysis of behavioural and responsive data and implementation of evidence based instructional and corrective practices. SWPBS also supports the development of organisational systems for establishing safe, purposeful and inclusive school and classroom learning environments, while providing individual behaviour and learning supports needed for all students to achieve academic and social success. (http://www.education.vic.gov.au/).


Expected behaviours at Epping Views Primary School are based on our values. A matrix has been developed by the school of expected behaviours for different locations across the school in relation to these values.This document is displayed in areas across the school. The matrix is being applied across the school and the expectations are being explicitly taught to students through a structured SWPBS program.


An important aspect of SWPBS is consistency in response to student behaviour. The EVPS response documents ensure that students’ behaviour is being responded to in a systematic way enabling the establishment of a safe and predictable learning environment. It is a whole school approach to behaviour management which recognises students for demonstrating the expected behaviours on our matrix and catching students ‘doing it right’. Acknowledgements include: verbal praise, visual acknowledgements (eg thumbs up) house points and Caught You Cards.


The Victorian Government is implementing Respectful Relationships across Victorian schools and early childhood services. Respectful Relationships supports schools to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours. It teaches our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence and complements and strengthens SWPBS at EVPS.


Respectful Relationships is a whole school approach, detailed in the diagram below. Teachers at Epping Views Primary School utilise the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships learning materials, which further strengthen the teaching of our school values as they promote social and emotional skills along with positive norms in children and young people.


To read more about the Respectful Relationships program please visit http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/Pages/respectfulrelationships.aspx

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